Digital Marketing Services for Non- Profits 

We want to help you give back to your communities by creating an online campaign for your next fundraiser, bringing more attention to your brand and organization, getting the word out about all the wonderful events you have organized, and drawing in more potential donors. Social Media Marketing, Paid Marketing, and SEO are just some of the services we provide to realize your organizations goals.

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Paid Marketing

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Are you missing out on $10,000 a month of Google Ads Grant?

Our experienced Paid Marketing Team can get your organization the $10,000 Google Ads Grant with a 100% success rate. We also help you recover a suspended or revoked Google Ads Grant Account.

Our Ads professionals manage every technical aspect of your campaigns, so you can focus on organizing the best fundraisers and events for your Non-Profit.

Open the door to thousands of new members, volunteers and donors through Paid Marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO? Does our organization need SEO? Can we stay competitive without SEO?

These are all real questions you should be asking yourself when trying to engage with old and potential new members online. SEO is an ongoing process that makes sure your organization appears in organic search results when people are searching for you or related content.

Our SEO specialists will help you create a competitive strategy and a timely execution plan to stay relevant in search results.

Social Media Marketing

Providing you with the right tools for success!

Our Social Media team will perform audits on your current social media platforms and help identify key spots for improvement. We will then work with you to create a Social Media Strategy that brings to the forefront what your organization is all about.

We will also provide insight on your top competitors so you can see how you are performing against them.

With the right tools and strategy you can conquer the social media platforms and stay in the race!

Email Marketing

Engage and Inform your current members

Sending Informative, Engaging and perfectly timed emails are key to satisfying your current members. Our team will set you up with the right tools to increase email submissions and send updates to your audience.

With personalized and routine emails, your subscribers will never miss an event or fundraiser.